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→ What are dirrtytown clothing products?

Dirrtytown clothing products are a unique collection of various types of tattoo clothing - clothes which idea is to create realistic impression of real tattoos on different parts of the body. We create this impression by using in our clothes elastic mesh fabric in a color that pretends skin color very well and printing on this fabric designs that refer to the style of tattooing. Because of its tone mesh fabrics "melts" with the skin color (even if the tone of the material and skin tone are slightly different), so that expressive designs applied to the fabric look very natural, even from very close distance. Our collection includes clothing with a tattoo entirely made of elastic mesh (for example: tattoo sleeves or tattoo leggings), and the clothes in which mesh fabric is part of the whole clothing (for example: tattoo t-shirts, tattoo maternity tshirts).

→ Where dirrtytown clothing collection is produced?

Our clothes are manufactured in Poland. We use the potential of resources that has our country like excellent quality materials and sewing services. All our products are verified in terms of the quality issues, taking care of each element, because frankly, we are obsessed to get you the best what we can! :) You can be sure that products purchased from us will be not only unique but alsania-i-odpowiedzio very durable in wearing.


→ Are designs that imitate tattoos in dirrtytown clothing collection original projects?

All designs used in our tattoo clothing collection are created by us and are copyrighted. These are unique designs, based on our own ideas, developed in cooperation with professional and extremely talented graphics.



Why it's worth to shop with dirrtytown clothing?

Made in Poland

We create all our stuff in Poland basing on many years of textile experience in our country. We care a lot about quality details, chosing the best fabrics and high quality printing technologies.

Fast delivery

We keep our stock up to date. For this reason most of the items in our shop are ready to ship in 1-3 business days. We don't sell virtual products!

Satisfied clients

We have a lot of them! We regularly get messages with positive feedbacks and reviews refering to our quality, fast shipping, good service and the whole idea in general.

Unique products

All items in our shop are one of a kind and very unique! They are based on our own ideas and copywrited designs.



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