Best Friends Baby Tattoo Bodysuit

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Are you searching for a cool and unique clothing for your baby? Or maybe you are searching for a great gift for some ink lover's little one? Invite them to the world of tattoos and bring some edgy style to their everyday wardrobe with our unique tattoo clothing collection for kids.

BODYSUIT is made of high-quality and very durable cotton and is really nice fitting!

SLEEVES are made of pleasantly smooth mesh material which is delicate in touch but also very solid and durable in use. It's also highly elastic and feels perfect - like a second skin!

The material is in skin-toned color so the high-quality prints made on it create an impression of a real tattoo. What's more - the prints keep the original character while using - colors don't fade!

Please note: sleeves are stitched to the bodysuit.

Bodysuit available in sizes:

62-68 ➡ recommended for 3-6 months

74-80 ➡ recommended for 6-12 months

86-92 ➡ recommended for 12-24 months

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