PINK SUGARSKULL - KIDS Edition, Kids Full Body Halloween Skeleton Costume

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PINK SUGARSKULL - KIDS EDITION full-body skeleton jumpsuit costume with very unique skeleton design that will definitely make your kid stand out from the crowd! 

Ideal for a Halloween costume!

How it is made & the quality

The jumpsuit costume is made of high-quality polyester and elastane and based on top printing technology. The colors of the design don't fade and keep their original vivid tone even after many uses and washing.

The costume is very stretchy and shapes to the body very well.
It has a hidden long zip on the back.

Size chart

Catsuits in kids edition are available in 104-146 sizes. When choosing the size, consider sizes description below and your preferences. Please note - if your kid is "in-between" - we recommend choosing a larger size.

104-110 [4-5 UK size; 5 US size] ➡ recommended for 4-5 years
116-122 [6-7 UK size; 6-7 US size] ➡ recommended for 6-7 years
128-134 [7-9 UK size; 8-10 US size] ➡ recommended for 8-9 years
140-146 [10-11 UK size; 11 US size] ➡ recommended for 10-11 years

If you have any questions about this costume or shipping, please let us know!

Satisfaction guaranteed

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Buying in our shop

  1. You get one of a kind item and suport intependent handmade business.
  2. You get 100% best quality satisfaction guarantee.
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  4. You get the same item as on the photos (or even better ;)) - no cheating!

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