Why dirrtytown clothing?

Why it's worth to shop with us?

Unique products

All items in our shop are totally one of a kind products, based on our tattoo clothing idea. We create unique categories and use original designs that are copyrighted. Many of those items are available only in our shop, they are not available anywhere else in the world. You can possibly find some other tattoo stuff, mostly imported from China - please remember this is something different from our tattoo clothing collection, with different quality!


Made in Poland

We produce our tattoo clothing collections basing on many years of textile experience in our country. We cooperate with local best quality fabrics manufacturers and very experienced sewing workshops. We put a lot of care about the details, elements that need biggest precision are handmade by our team. We also use high quality printing techology, that allows to get durable and intensive color effect. 


Products availability and fast shipping
We keep our tattoo clothing stock up to date. That's why most of the items in our shop are available offhand and possible to ship within 1-3 business days. We show physical, not virtual products that need to be produced after ordering. That's why you can get your order fast, already after 1-2 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks (or longer). 



Great customer service

We care a lot about good relations with our clients. We respond to all messages precisely and as soon as possible, which usually takes maximally around 24 hours. 


Satisfied clients

We have a lot of satisfied clients - we regularly get messages with positive feedbacks about our tattoo clothing collection idea, products quality and shop service. Clients thank us for the fast shipping and proffesional attitude to their needs. With the reviews we often get also photos with our products with some positive and funny comments. :)

Clothing that reveals emotions
Our shop is the right place to find clothing that reveals great emotions! 
Wanna stand out of the crowd and attract other people's attension? Wanna have fun and play with your friends or family? Wanna try how it feels to have tattoos? Or maybe wanna show some secret tone of your personality and shock everyone around you? You can do it all! Put on our tattoo clothing and see by yourself what imppression it makes on everyone around you! 


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