Business cooperation

We invite to business cooperation:

→ Celebrities, actors, musicians, models...
Are you searching for original way to attract media's attension or an inspiration for an interesting news? Our tattoo clothing is a great idea for unusual, surprising or even shocking stylizations, that bring a lot of attension to you!  They will be great for example for concerts, festivals and other public events, photo sessions and music videos! 

→ Stylists and costume designers
Are you searching for inspirations and non standard ideas for your cients new stylizations? Or maybe you design costumes or choose clothing for actors or talent shows participants? We invite you to cooperate with our brand for very unique stuff! 

→ Photographers
Do you need "dirrty" stylizations for you photos? Would you like to make photos with tattoos while working with not tattoed models, without a need of many hours characterization process? Or maybe you simply would like to make dark/ sexy/ dirrty photos and you are open for cooperation in terms of coproduction? Contact us!

→ Media
Are you searching for an interesting material to your article or TV show? We are full of interesting stories! We create totally unique stuff and keep on developing new surprising product categories and ideas! Find out where we reach with our tattoo stuff or what else we plan to add to our tattoo clothing collection! :) 

Forms of cooperation:

- preferencial sales conditions and barter
- the possibility of renting of our tattoo clothing
- the possibility of creating a completely unique product for a specific person or event 

If you are interested in cooperation please sontact us to this e-mail adress: adding COOPERATIN in message title.

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