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Tattoo clothing – how the idea appeared…

The specific tattoo clothing idea appeared in my mind a few years before the dirrtytown clothing brand appeared on the market. 

It all began from my dream of having a real tattoo and from a Kushiel's trylogy, a story in which main character had a very big tattoo on her back. It happened that the book's illustrator created a tattoo design that I felt in love with. 

For many months I felt tempted to get myself tattoed. On the other hand I had some doubts: "What if I get bored with the tattoo design?", "What if I don't feel comfortable with a big tattoo in the end?", "What if my husband doesn't like the tattoo?", "What if the tattoo artist doesn't create the tattoo design that I like?", "How will I feel with a big tattoo when I'm getting older?"  - Any of you recognise these doubts? :) 

A need is a mother of invention, cos I started to think how I could fulfill my dream differently. My doubts directed me to a new way of thinking – wouldn't be great if one could "put on" on himself any tattoo design and then just simply could "take it off"? Put on a chosen tattoo desing, and another one the next day? Choose something elegant today and something crazy tomorrow? YEEES – this was in fact what I really wanted!!!

Making an idea a reality

I spent a lot of time to accomplish my unusual idea and to make real and physical something that was just a virtual vision in my mind for such a long time. It wasn't easy. My obsession to pursue no matter how difficult is the way was very helpful. Also my husband, who motivated me and helped me was a great support. Together we worked out the tattoo clothing production technology, that we are basing on today.  

We don't choose easy solutions, we care a lot about the quality of the fabrics and the tattoo prints that represents our products. We work hard to create unique, orginal and eye catchy tattoo desings. Our goal was to produce clothing that would make a perfect illusion of real tattoos, looking realistic even from very close distance. After many months of testing, trying different solutions, designing we finally have made it. :)

Why should you try tattoo clothing?

Because it brings a lot of emotions to the everyday life! It makes the day more interesting when you attract attension of everyone around you or funny when you have a chance to unconventionally suprise your friends or family. Because it's the only way you can try tattoo experience with no consequences! Because you can show another YOU, a different tone of your soul, or even shock people that think they already know everything about you. :) 


Meet our tattoo clothing brand - dirrtytown clothing 
Why „dirrty”? Because I decided to refer to Christina Aguilera's songs and videos (I love her as a singer!) „Dirrty” & „Still dirrty”, that have exactly those attributes that I wished to our clothing brand - "dirrty" style, braveness, independence, wildness and sexapil!

Thanks to our unique tattoo clothing everyone can feel and become a bit „dirrty”! ;)
Why „town”? Because in towns and cities are created the most crazy, spacey, beautiful, sensual and surprizing tattoo desings. Everyday new, everyday unrepeatable!

What we create?

All the time something new!
You'll find in our tattoo clothing collection many tattoo clothing categories - tattoo tshirts, single tattoo sleeves, tattoo leggings or even tattoo maternity tshirts! Soon we'll reveal new tattoo categories that we are working on right now. It will be a bit of delicate and sensual and much of wild style. Follow us to get updated! ;)

You can be a part of our project!
We invite you to take part in setting a completely new trend in fashion!

Follow our novelties and events, join our social media channels, share with us your own tattoo clothing ideas and tag your photos with our items!
But most of all spread the tattoo clothing idea among your friends and family, so that more and more people could find out they can try something completely new and get tattoed with no pain and harm!

Or simply become our brand's dirrtytown clothing ambassdor - learn more.

We thank to all our fans and clients for the support!

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